Publications :

[2014] Bordas J., Tschirhart F., 2014, Contaminating crowds’ emotional states, In SummerSim ’14 : Proceedings of the 2014 Summer Simulation Multiconference Article No. 42 . Society for Computer Simulation International San Diego, CA, USA.

Download : [ACM Digital Library]

[2014] Bordas J., 2014, OMNEMOTION : The propagation of emotions, In VRIC’14 Proceeding of the Virtual Reality International Conference: Laval Virtual. ACM Press, New-York, NY.
DOI : 10.1145/2617841.2620702  Download : [ACM Digital Library]

Master Thesis :

[2009] Bordas J., Tschirhart F., 2009, Réseaux de neurones formels appliqués à l’intelligence artificielle et au jeu. [PDF]